Control Committee

The members of the Control Committee of the Union are elected by the General Meeting for 3 years.


The Control Committee should not have less than 3 members, and should be elected from the employees of the Union members, with the exception of Union management staff. The President of the Control Committee is elected from the committee members.


The Control Committee has the following authorities:

  • Carry out audit of the annual financial results of UCORA during the first quarter of the next year,

  • Check financial activity of the Union at any time by its own initiative, by the decision of the General Meeting, as well as by the request of at least 10 percent of the members,

  • Check  the compliance of the documentation with laws, Charter, decisions of the General Meeting and internal regulations,

  • During verification request  all the necessary documents concerning Union’s financial activity,

  • Prepare reports based on the results of verification and present them to the General Meeting,

  • Present the audit conclusion of the annual financial statements of the Union’s activities to the General Meeting.










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Union of Credit Organizations of RA

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