Frequently Asked Questions

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Does UCORA provide loans?

UCORA does not provide loans. UCORA member credit organizations provide loans.

What is the main objective of UCORA?

The main goal of the Union of Credit Organizations of the Republic of Armenia is to represent and promote general interests and challenges of its members in the Central Bank of RA, Government of RA and other state and non-state bodies, as well as international organizations.

Does UCORA act under the suporvision of CBA?

The Union of Credit Organizations of the Republic of Armenia is a voluntary union of credit organizations operating in the Republic of Armenia.

Does UCORA regulate the activities of credit organizations?

UCORA cooperates with and supports only its member credit institutions and does not exercise control over the sector.

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Union of Credit Organizations of RA

Address: 26/3 Vazgen Sargsyan str., 702 room, Yerevan, RA

Tel.: (374-10) 52 66 94



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