Development of Training Services for Financial Institutions in Armenia

Job description:


The Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC) has been explicitly commissioned by the Federal Ministry to support the development and implementation of high-quality training and consultancy service for financial institutions in the Armenian financial sector. In order to support a sustainable and market-driven development of training and consulting services, SBFIC proposes to establish a public – private partnership model among the main players in the sector. The model would understand commercial training services providers as private partners, while the Union of Bank of Armenia (UBA), the Union of Credit Organisations of Armenia (UCORA) and the Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation shall be understood as public partners, due to their public mandate and their non-for-profit character.

In the context of such partnership UBA and UCORA will commission the awarded private partners with the development of training contents and materials, which will be property of UBA and UCORA and made available to the wider public. Furthermore, the training of trainers on these new training products will be rendered by SBFIC and shall encompass the trainers of the awarded private partners, as well as additional external qualified trainers on these new training contents in the market. UBA and UCORA will – beyond the awarded private partners – require any additional training services provider to obtain accreditation by UBA and UCORA, who is intending to offer training contents with the materials and trainers developed in the context of this partnership.

Union of Credit Organizations of RA

Address: 26/3 Vazgen Sargsyan str., 702 room, Yerevan, RA

Tel.: (374-10) 52 66 94



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